In performance-critical applications such as high pressure vessels, welding integrity is key. Our stringent self-imposed standards and adherence to ISO 3834 assure our clients of structural fusion welding of the highest calibre.

Our welding processes

Our permanent resident IWE-qualified welding engineer and IWT-certified welding technologist are committed to enforcing our high benchmarks, without compromise.


Our weld procedures range from carbon steel welding to alloy steel seamless tube manufacturing (ASTM).

  • FBW

    Flash butt welding

  • MMA

    Manual metal arc

  • FCAW

    Flux cored arc welding

  • OA


  • MCAW

    Metal cored arc welding

  • SA

    Submerged arc

  • MAG & pulsed MAG

    Metal active gas

  • MIG & pulsed MIG

    Metal inert gas

  • TIG & pulsed TIG

    Tungsten inert gas

  • SW

    Stud welding