Black Economic Empowerment Summary

Black Economic Empowerment Summary

ACTOM complies with the Broad-Based Black Economic Act (B-BBEE) of 2003 and the Department of Trade and Industry’s Amended Codes of Good Practice.

John Thompson is a division of ACTOM (Pty) Ltd.

The company and all its divisions have been evaluated by SANAS accredited Honeycomb BEE Ratings, using the Amended Codes of Good Practice, Gazette Number 36928, on Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment for large Enterprises.

It has achieved the following rating:


Current B-BBEE Shareholding of ACTOM (Pty) Ltd:


% Black Owned


Kagiso Tiso Holdings (KTH)






Old Mutual Life Assurance Company Ltd



Management / Employee Trust



ACTOM Employee Empowerment Trust 2017



ACTOM Foundation Trust



Sale of Assets



Total B-BBEE Equity




The John Thompson Equity Policy


John Thompson is committed to employing quality people and developing their potential in order to expand their careers and become participants in sustaining the organisation’s competitive edge. To achieve this, and taking cognisance of South Africa’s history, John Thompson commits itself to an equity programme to accelerate its culture of diversity.

John Thompson recognises its responsibility to equalise opportunities for those people who were socially, economically and educationally disadvantaged. The equity programme has short and medium-term goals and plans are developed in consultation with all staff members. Such plans take into account each business unit’s circumstances. The implementation of the equity programme is handled with sensitivity, commitment and fairness.


John Thompson endeavours to have people from previously disadvantaged groups adequately represented at all levels within the organisation.

John Thompson also actively identifies, and corrects with vigour, any discriminatory practices that may still be prevalent within the organisation. To this end, regular discriminatory audits are conducted by the various companies to establish the achievement of this mission.


  • To compile human resource and development policies based on "best practice" examples.
  • To ensure legitimacy of the process through sustained communication and direct employee involvement.
  • To establish the status of equity within the organisation in order to include changes in annual budgets.
  • To actively pursue employment equity targets and to set minimum levels for employees of designated groups moving into management positions.


The equity process is driven in line with John Thompson’s vision, mission and values.

The equity programme is a long-term strategy with short and medium-term objectives to which justifiable resources are allocated.

John Thompson’s approach to the equity programme includes establishing targets, objectives and review periods at company level. Responsibility for implementation lies with company line managers. Involvement of people at all levels is important. This is achieved by Employment Equity Committees at each business unit.

John Thompson’s transformation objective is:

  • to redress past injustices;
  • to promote equal opportunity for all;
  • to reflect in its staff the demographics of South Africa;
  • to safeguard Human Rights; and
  • Ensure that its system of governance uphold the inherent dignity of all, and meet the development needs of South Africa’s Democracy.

The John Thompson empowerment strategy

John Thompson is a division of ACTOM, a black owned local electromechanical engineering group whose history in South Africa spans more than 100 years. During this period, it has demonstrated its commitment to the development and advancement of the country and its people. It has done so, inter-alia, through substantial investment in plant and technology and the provision of employment, training and development of many thousands of people of all races.

Similarly, by virtue of the nature of its business, John Thompson has done much to improve the quality of life of many South Africans by delivering reliable equipment and services for the power generation and industrial markets.

John Thompson has grasped the BEE challenge fully and is in the process of accelerating and extending its empowerment initiatives accordingly. The initiatives are aimed not only at meeting the expectations of staff, customers, emerging communities and the government, but also at achieving greater prosperity and success for the organisation, to the benefit of all its stakeholders.

The John Thompson empowerment strategy focuses on the following key areas:

  • Equity
  • Management
  • Skills Development
  • Procurement
  • Socio Economic Development
  • Other Initiatives

The programme has been in place for several years and is constantly updated and refined as the empowerment environment evolves and matures.


Progress to date is:


The group is making steady progress in increasing black management participation in the organisation.

Skills development

As John Thompson is committed to manufacturing within the Southern African region, the company is not only providing employment to approximately 700 permanent employees but is also actively involved in the training and skills development initiatives of its employees.  John Thompson is one of very few companies that have in-house technical training centres.


John Thompson has three training centres:

  • The apprentice training centre in Bellville, Cape Town
  • The welding training centre at Isando
  • The welding training centre at Tutuka Power Station


Currently focused purchasing from local black suppliers is in excess of 80% of the total measurable BEE spend.

A procurement manager is specifically tasked to enforce the policy, and progress is monitored on a monthly basis.  Management incentives are directly linked to black empowerment procurement, employment equity, skills development and enterprise development. Periodic internal audits are conducted in order to verify the accuracy of the figures.

Other empowerment initiatives include:

  • providing backing to fledgling small and medium enterprises (SMMEs, EMEs and QSEs)
  • accelerating the advancement of PDIs through training programmes both on the job and externally

Emphasis is placed on prior consultation with individuals and groups intended to benefit, to ensure that their needs are fully met.

Other empowerment initiatives

Other empowerment initiatives include:

  • providing backing to fledgling small and medium enterprises (SMMEs, EMEs and QSEs)
  • accelerating the advancement of PDIs through training programmes both on the job and externally

Emphasis is placed on prior consultation with individuals and groups intended to benefit, to ensure that their needs are fully met.

Management development and skills transfer

John Thompson has dedicated itself to skills transfer, especially to the benefit of PDIs.

For some years it has been operating:

  • apprentice schools
  • bursary schemes for PDIs
  • supplementary high school education programmes
  • management development programmes which starts with identifying promising employees from within the group
  • training at the various centres of our technology partners

The company’s training and development programmes are constantly being monitored and enhanced to ensure that all employees are provided with opportunities to advance and realise their full potential.

John Thompson’s empowerment initiatives also encompass most of its social responsibility programmes, including its substantial investments in secondary and tertiary education.


Entrepreneurial Development

John Thompson believes that BEE is more effective if the previously disadvantaged individuals are given the opportunity to control and run their own businesses. We therefore, actively seek to facilitate the setting up of businesses wherein the previously disadvantaged individuals have a stake.

We also engage suppliers owned and run by PDI’s wherever possible.

Some of the BEE businesses that John Thompson has supported are described below.

  1. PTA Agency
  2. Sanz Trading
  3. SCM Precision Engineering
  4. Tungsturn
  5. Mech Log Engineering
  6. Siyavuka Plant Hire
  7. Divinity Trading and Logistics
  8. Bosveld Guest House
  9. Asakhendoda (Pty) Ltd
  10. Dubandlela
  11. Phooko & Sons
  12. Lebudi Kgatelopele

Socio-Economic Development

Socio-Economic Development is an integral part of John Thompson’s commitment to creating a more prosperous country for future generations.

We are committed to long-term involvement in various Socio-Economic Development initiatives. As part of our strategy, there must be sustainability, empowerment, transparency, and the end result should be one of tangible and identifiable positive change.

With this in mind, John Thompson continues to effectively monitor and grow on-going projects, as well as identifying and implementing new, sustainable projects in which the company can add value.

Some of the bigger Socio-Economic Development initiatives through which John Thompson is making a difference:


Tshepeha High School

Tshepeha High School in Grootvlei, Dipaleseng Municipality was found to be in a state of disrepair.

John Thompson undertook extensive renovations to the school buildings, ablution blocks and the school grounds.

Tegwan’s Nest Combined School

This school is situated in Nthoroane, Greylingstad.

We rebuilt the school hall and kitchen, and replaced the non-functioning pit toilet system with a septic tank system.

Nthoroane Library

The building in which the library was housed was in a state of disrepair.

John Thompson supplied and erected a new containerised library with air conditioning and a toilet. It is fully electrified.

Osithandweni Stimulation Centre

This facility caters for children with multiple disabilities in Nthoroane township. We provided burglar proofing on all opening windows and doors, a palisade fence around the property and paving of the yard to facilitate the comfortable movement of the children on the property.

Letupu Secondary School

Situated in Morwe, Lephalale Rural. John Thompson supplied and installed a mobile unit which houses the principal’s office, a boardroom and a kitchen.

Leseli Combined School

We supplied and installed a palisade fence and gates around the entire property, and have also refurbished the ablution facilities at the school.

Vulinqondo Day Care Centre

This centre consisted of a mud building which housed 40 pre-school children. John Thompson supplied and installed a new mobile classroom for the children.