Purpose-Engineered HVAC Solutions for Sustainable Industries

John Thompson HVAC Systems, a division of ACTOM (Pty) Ltd.

Purpose-Engineered HVAC Solutions for Sustainable Industries

John Thompson HVAC Systems, a division of ACTOM (Pty) Ltd.

Increasingly stringent environmental legislation and bold Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals are compelling industrialists, investors and industry employers to invest in well-engineered, innovative and efficient air quality control systems, plants, and solutions. John Thompson HVAC Systems delivers.

We know air quality control - inside and out

If you are in an industry where air quality in the workplace is critical for comfort and safety, we can assist with solutions ranging from customised design and fabrication, to installation, commissioning and testing of systems.

John Thompson HVAC Systems (JT HVAC) specialises in industrial ventilation and air-conditioning.

Services and product components can be offered separately or as a combined design/supply package.

An investment in the long run

JT HVAC is particularly conscious of the need to provide value driven systems, relative to both cost of plant/installation (CAPEX) and operation and maintenance expenses (OPEX).

A heritage of quality air engineering - the Swiss Connection


Our experience in air engineering stretches way back to 1935, when the Bechtler brothers founded Luwa AG in Switzerland.

Luwa, a pioneer in air-quality systems for the textile industry, has since developed into one of the world’s foremost companies in industrial air conditioning.

Luwa (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd was registered in 1971. Prior to 1971, projects were managed from Switzerland.

In 2012 ACTOM purchased the South African interests of the Luwa business, which is now managed by John Thompson.

To this day, John Thompson HVAC Systems continues to produce solutions to sustainably improve manufacturing conditions, reduce energy costs, and generate added value in a spectrum of industries where efficient air quality control is critical.

Local air quality challenges, local ingenuity

John Thompson HVAC Systems continues to make use of the Luwa technologies where appropriate.

But local climatic and other challenges often call for home-grown solutions. To meet the needs of industries in Africa, JT HVAC has developed a range of air-treatment product offerings. These combine global best practices and top technology with smart South African innovations.

Are you facing an air-quality challenge? Discuss your needs with a JT HVAC expert.

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Independent in-house engineering and manufacturing

JT HVAC has two South African factories (Pinetown and Brackenfell). Here, qualified air-conditioning design engineers, contracts engineers and  draughtspersons work with manufacturing, erection and commissioning technicians to design, manufacture, install and maintain systems to keep safety and comfort levels in check.

Air treatment solutions specifically for your business

John Thompson HVAC Systems have completed numerous significant projects since 1967, mostly in pharmaceutical, heavy industrial and textile plants.

Our engineers specialise in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of plant and equipment for the following industries:





Power Generation


Food & Beverage

Other specialised applications

Commercial premises

We have also completed several commercial air-conditioning installations for office buildings, shopping malls, banks, universities and airports including:


    Solutions for Africa

    JT HVAC has extensive experience in contracting into Africa. We have completed contracts in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland, Mozambique, Madagascar, Malawi, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt and Mauritius.

    Custom-made for your workplace

    Our systems, plants and components are well-engineered and innovative, often purpose-designed around a client’s needs.

    Talk to a JT HVAC expert about your requirements.

    Custom-made for your workplace

    Our systems, plants and components are well-engineered and innovative, often purpose-designed around a client’s needs.

    Talk to a JT HVAC expert about your requirements.

    Enquire Nowabout our HVAC Solutions

    Air-engineering industry standards

    The HVAC Engineering Design and Fabrication Industry is highly regulated. JT HVAC adheres to the following standards and guidelines:

    • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
    • ISO 91.140.30 Ventilation and Air-conditioning Systems Including Ventilation Ducts
    • ANSI / ACCA 5 QI - 2010 (HVAC QI Specification)
    • AHRI Standards and Guides
    • International And Regional Safety Standards For ACR&HP Systems (Product and Group Standards)
    • IEC - International Electro-technical Commission
    • CEN - European Committee for Standardization
    • CENELEC - European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization
    • SANS 10400 – National Building Regulation
    • SANS 1238 – Ducting
    • ISO 14644 – Clean Room Standard

    View our list of accreditations and the international codes and specifications with which John Thompson complies. Our Quality System is certified to ISO 9001: 2015.

    Our HVAC portfolio


      HVAC in the health industry

      To maintain the health and well-being of hospital staff, patients and visitors, and to prevent the spread and growth of germs, HVAC systems today have to provide greater air changes per hour, and more efficient temperature and humidity controls. JT HVAC is ideally placed to provide appropriate solutions for best quality air in medical facilities.

      JT HVAC systems control the air environment of the following establishments:

      • Constantiaberg
      • Durbanville Mediclinic
      • Entabeni Hospital
      • Fishmed Private Clinic
      • Glenwood Private Clinic
      • Groote Schuur Hospital
      • Hermanus
      • Ladysmith
      • King Edward
      • Madadeni Hospital
      • Medicity
      • N1 City Clinic
      • Policlinic
      • Prince Mshiyeni Hospital
      • Uitenhage Hospital
      • Unitas Private Hospital
      • Mediclinic Upington
      • Upington Hospital
      • Blood Bank
      • Krugersdorp Private Clinic
      • Free State Administration
      • RK Khan Hospital
      • WP Blood Transfusion

      HVAC in the paper & pulp industry

      John Thompson designs HVAC systems to provide controlled environments for various processes in the paper and pulp manufacturing industry. The criteria involve control measures such as:

      • Filtered pressurisation air, removing airborne chemical and gas contaminants.
      • HVAC plant rooms supplying purified and conditioned air into production control rooms, and electrical rooms.
      • Air removal and ventilation of high temperature production machines.
      • E.L. gas detection systems.
      • Large industrial refrigeration plant equipment to cool factory plant process water.
      • Standby HVAC equipment for critical plant operations.

      Our systems are at work in: 

      • Sappi Group
      • Mondi Group
      • Carlton Papers

      HVAC in the petro-chemical field

      John Thompson HVAC has extensive experience in designing and supplying HVAC systems for refineries and related industries.

      We are familiar with the specific requirements of temperature control, humidity control, pressurisation, filtration, purification and standby specifications for control rooms, rack rooms, server rooms, UPS rooms, LV & HV switch rooms and battery rooms.

      We can provide HVAC systems suitable for classified areas. We can also supply blast dampers to protect buildings in blast zones.

      We’re in action at:

      • Caltex Refinery
      • Engen Refinery
      • SAPREF Refinery
      • Sasol

      HVAC in aluminium production

      We have experience in designing filtered and pre-cooled supply air distribution systems to specific zones during maintenance of crane/ gantries etc.

      During the pot lining process when the paste ramming involves the injection of pressurised coal pitch paste into the joints between the cathode blocks, an extensive high pressure extraction system is required to remove and exhaust the resultant fumes into vertical stacks.

      We have also built filter houses on top of blower rooms to supply fresh air via ducting above overhead crane beams into the rooms.

      Our HVAC solutions keep things fresh at:

      • Hulett Aluminium
      • Mozal
      • Alusaf

      HVAC in power generation, including nuclear

      We are experienced in the installation of industrial HVAC systems in the turbine halls, control rooms, MCC rooms and switch rooms of coal-fired base-load power stations and pump stations.

      We have extensive experience in the nuclear industry and have carried out several projects for the Koeberg Nuclear power station, which uses two Framatome pressurised water reactors.

      We have developed special air intakes made out of high quality stainless steel using drop eliminator technology for the second containment buildings.

      Our HVAC installations for Eskom are at 

      • Eskom – Koeberg Power Station
      • Eskom – Palmiet Peaking Station
      • Eskom – Matimba Power Station
      • Eskom – Tutuka Power Station

      HVAC in the sugar refining industry

      John Thompson HVAC Systems has been involved in several projects in the sugar industry. We have supplied the following HVAC equipment to sugar mills and refineries: 

      • Conditioning silos
      • Driers
      • Pressurisation systems
      • Filtration systems
      • Ventilation systems and cooling for control rooms and MCC rooms

        We can provide the air-conditioning systems for driers for the removal of free moisture from the sugar crystals. To prevent caking, it is important that the bound moisture is removed in a conditioning silo, for which we provide the specialised air-conditioning systems.

      Our fan/filter units ensure a dust-free environment inside factories.

      Our HVAC systems in the sugar industry are at: 

      • Illovo (Ubombo)
      • United Sugar Company of Egypt
      • SUDS – Mauritius
      • FUEL – Mauritius
      • Belle Vue – Mauritius
      • Omnicane – Mauritius
      • United Sugar Company – (Saudi Arabia)

      Other industries in which we operate

      We design and supply HVAC systems for the food, beverage, bakery, dairy, tobacco and cement industries.

      We are familiar with the specific requirements of the temperature control, humidity control, pressurisation, filtration, purification and ventilation for the various processes in these industries.

      Dairy industry

      • Lactalis (Parmalat)
      • Clover
      • Mooivalei Cheesel
      • Lancewood

        Food industry

        • Pioneer Foods / Bokomo
        • Deli Spices
        • Eurochoc
        • Nestlé
        • Langeberg Foods
        • Simba
        • Golden Grove

            Wine industry

            • Hartenberg
            • Webersburg
            • Erica Wines
            • Lievland
            • Waterford Wines
            • KWV

                Tobacco industry

                • Rembrandt / BAT (British American Tobacco)


                    • Mossop Leather
                    • NGK Ceramics
                    • Millners Dental Suppliers
                    • Biodelta
                    • Denel


                      HVAC in clean room technology

                      Our clean room installations surpass the DOP, particle count, establishment times, air flow pattern testing and specialised validation criteria of this sophisticated and safety conscious industry to meet the requirements for all Grade A, B, C & D certifications.

                      The implementation of our pressure gradient systems prevents contamination by foreign matter or active substances handled in the same production facility.

                      Our extensive technical expertise covers a wide range of tasks in the pharmaceutical research and manufacturing processes, notably in these areas:

                      • Weighing room
                      • Sampling booths
                      • Dispensing
                      • Pass through hatches
                      • Component & media preparation
                      • Granulation
                      • Compression
                      • Formulation
                      • Gowning/change rooms
                      • Airlocks
                      • Liquids filling suites
                      • Air showers

                      We design, supply and install A/C systems for:

                      • Stability rooms
                      • Conditioning chambers
                      • Laboratories (Including BSL bio safety applications)
                      • Primary & secondary packaging
                      • Raw materials receiving
                      • De-dusting
                      • Quarantine
                      • Ventilation and extraction for flammable liquid stores.

                      The application of fan units with H14 HEPA filters and RERA grid ceiling system guarantees mounting of the FFUs in compliance with GMP standards and FDA standards. Alternatively, using CG screens ensures low-turbulence laminar flow, over the entire air outlet, at a given airspeed.

                      We serve the pharmaceutical industry: 

                      • GlaxoSmithKline, now Haleon
                      • State Vaccine Institute, now called Biovac
                      • Harwill Medical
                      • Warner Lambert, formerly Pfizer, now Johnson & Johnson
                      • Enaleni Pharmaceuticals
                      • Hiline Medical
                      • Aspen Pharmacare
                      • Cipla
                      • Fine Chemicals
                      • Pharmaceutical Enterprises
                      • Ribotech
                      • Vision Biotech
                      • Lazaron Biotech
                      • Ithemba Labs
                      • CliniSut– (manufacturer of suture material for stitches)

                      Air engineering for the textile industry

                      We provide complete solutions for air-handling systems in the textile industry:

                      • Air Washers
                      • Air Distribution
                      • Rotary Air Filter
                      • Bale Press Systems

                      We design, build and maintain the following systems for the textile industry: 


                      Air Displacement


                      Waste Handling

                      Non Woven

                      • Humidification
                      • De-humidification
                      • Cooling
                      • Heating
                      • Distributing
                      • Extracting
                      • Mixing
                      • Static filters
                      • Automatic filters
                      • Rotary pre-filters
                      • Waste separators
                      • Fibre separators
                      • Laundries
                      • Transport
                      • Recycling
                      • Compacting
                      • Female Hygiene Products
                      • Daipers
                      • Filter media
                      • Bonded Fabrics
                      • Needle Punched products

                       Some of our textile customers: 

                      • Frame Textile Group
                      • Da Gama Textiles
                      • Scottco - Zimbabwe
                      • SANS Fibres
                      • BMD Knitting Mills
                      • Berg River Textiles
                      • CMT - Mauritius
                      • Sesli Blankets
                      • SA Nylon Spinners
                      • Kimberly-Clark
                      • Freudenberg Nonwovens
                      • La Femme
                      • Noval
                      • Mattex
                      • Falke Socks
                      • Colibri Towelling
                      • Statement Many others.