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Our People

Our People


At John Thompson, we believe that meeting people's career ambitions is the best possible guarantee for satisfying our customers' expectations.

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Our established learning and development policy encourages employees to continuously improve their personal and professional attributes. Individual improvement ultimately enhances the quality of John Thompson’s offerings to its stakeholders.

At John Thompson, we thrive as a learning organisation. We support the growth and development of our people through various platforms designed to enable them to:

  • Benefit from study assistance

  • Connect to a wealth of expertise

  • Develop leadership skills

  • Grow as a global manager

  • Lead major projects

  • Move around in a leading-edge company

  • Operate in a multi-cultural environment

  • Undergo learnership programmes


Our Company Values


We promote and encourage a culture of:

  • Respectful interaction

    Respectful interaction amongst all our employees and stakeholders

  • Continuous learning

    Continuous learning and development

  • Transparency and engagement

    Transparency and engagement with all employees, thereby enhancing the employee experience


Current Opportunities

At John Thompson, we continuously strive to be the best in our industry. Meeting people's career ambitions helps us to attain this. Search available vacancies.

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Enabling our people to achieve their career ambitions is the best possible guarantee of satisfying our customers' expectations. By investing in the continuous development of our people, we are further enhancing our company growth and prosperity.

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John Thompson runs an apprenticeship training school focusing on Boilermaking and Welding. As industry leaders, we recognise the need to have the best-qualified talent in the field. Having conducted comprehensive apprentice training programmes for welders and boilermakers for over 20 years, we are proud to be building a confident and competent workforce.

Experiential Learning

John Thompson invests time and resources to develop and advance interns, providing them with the opportunity to graduate with a possibility of joining the company in the future.

Social responsibility

John Thompson strives to improve the quality of lives of the communities in which it operates.

We are achieving this through our corporate social investment programs and our Supplier and Enterprise Development support processes.

Initiatives include:

  • Cultural and sports sponsorship
  • Children’s competitions to raise awareness of environmental issues
  • Supply of IT infrastructure / educational materials (such as cyber cafés)
  • Donations and charity work
  • Research partnerships with universities
  • Partnerships with NGOs
  • Environmental conservation projects and awareness-raising campaigns
  • Direct and indirect job creation (local procurement programmes)

Social and environmental factors vary from area to area. This is why John Thompson adopts an approach that respects and embraces our country’s rich cultural diversity.