Our People

Our People


At John Thompson, we believe that meeting people's career ambitions is the best possible guarantee for satisfying our customers' expectations.

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At John Thompson, we believe that meeting people's career ambitions is the best possible guarantee for satisfying our customers' expectations.

At John Thompson we thrive as a learning organization

  • Study Assistance

    We provide our employees with study assistance to further their personal development needs in line with the organization’s people skills development strategy and client needs strategy.

  • Apprenticeship School

    We run a successful apprenticeship school in Bellville. Since the 1970s, 709 apprentices have been trained.

  • Learnership Programs

    We have run a number of learnership programmes over the past few years in Welding, Boilermaking and Rigging.

  • Leadership Skills

    We allow people to develop their leadership skills.

Working at John Thompson

  • Close Knit Environment

    In the John Thompson working environment every employee and every contribution is valued.

  • People Development

    We believe in people development.

  • Open Door Policies

    We believe in open door policies.

  • Our People Must Be Heard

    We believe that our people must be heard.


Current Opportunities

Our experience has shown that the following opportunities make John Thompson the best place to truly satisfy your professional expectations.

At John Thompson you can:

  • Operate in a multi-cultural environment

  • Lead major projects

  • Connect to a wealth of expertise

  • Join a leading-edge company

  • Grow as a global manager

  • Develop your leadership

  • Take advantage of mobility

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Apprentice training school

  • Boilermakers

  • Welders

Boiler development and training centre

  • Boiler operating (coal firing)

  • Boiler operating (oil and gas firing)

  • Boiler maintenance

  • Stoker maintenance

  • Boiler supervision and management

  • Boiler inspection

On-site training

  • Boiler operating

Social responsibility

John Thompson exists to create value over the long term. It is in the company’s own economic interest to act responsibly in order to protect and enhance its environment.

Our people participate in and contribute to the lives of our local communities in a rich variety of different ways.

Initiatives include:

  • Cultural and sports sponsorship
  • Children’s competitions to raise awareness of environmental issues
  • Supply of IT infrastructure / educational materials (such as cyber cafés)
  • Donations and charity work
  • Research partnerships with universities
  • Partnerships with NGOs
  • Environmental conservation projects and awareness-raising campaigns
  • Direct and indirect job creation (local procurement programmes)

The management of involvement with communities at both country level and site level. Because social and environmental factors can vary so much from site to site, it is our policy to respect national differences and specific cultural behaviours.