Training for welders and boilermakers

Training for welders and boilermakers

As industry leaders, we need to have the best qualified talent in the field. By conducting a comprehensive apprentice training programme for welders and boilermakers for the past 20 years, we are building a confident, competent workforce for now and way into the future.

Courses offered

  • Boiler attending (coal-firing)
  • Boiler operation and maintenance (oil and gas firing)
  • Boiler maintenance
  • Stoker maintenance
  • Boiler supervision and management
  • Boiler Inspection


Fully operational boilerhouse with:

  • Europac coal-fired boiler
  • Redipac oil-fired boiler
  • Micropac controls
  • Atmospheric deaerator
  • Lecture room

Boiler attendants, maintenance and supervision training


Target group



Boiler attending (coal-firing)

Boiler attendants Boiler supervisors Standby personnel

Light up and shutdown Banking and re-lighting Emergency procedures Boilerman's duties Efficient combustion Safe working habits

10 days

Boiler operation and maintenance (oil and gas) (marine)

Boiler operators Boiler supervisors Standby personnel Marine engineering cadets

Boiler construction Operating procedures Water treatment Automatic controls Steam utilisation

5 days

Stoker maintenance

Boiler supervisors Maintenance managers Foremen Fitters

Stoker tensioning Stoker tracking Stoker repairs Undergrate dampers Speed and damper control Automatic controls

3 days

Boiler maintenance

Boiler supervisors Maintenance managers Foremen Fitters

Boiler construction Water treatment Boiler mountings Automatic controls Fault finding Boiler cleaning Preparation for inspection Structural repairs

5 days

Boiler supervision and management

Factory managers Engineers Boiler supervisors Maintenance managers

Boiler construction, design and controls Boiler efficiency Steam utilisation Water treatment Trouble shooting Cost saving

5 days

Boiler inspection

Competent persons (boilers) Maintenance engineers

Boiler construction, design and controls Corrosion in boilers Water treatment Internal inspection External inspection Inspection under steam Inspection reporting regulations

5 days


John Thompson offers bursaries to qualifying deserving students who live in the Majuba District of Mpumalanga Province, particularly those studying in the following fields: Boilermaking (N1, N2, N3) and Welding (N1, N2, N3, or N4, N5, N6).

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  • Boiler maintenance course does not include stoker maintenance
  • Stoker maintenance courses are scheduled before or after boiler maintenance courses
  • Boiler inspection courses follow supervisor and management or maintenance courses