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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a global leader in energy and environmental solutions through value engineering and innovation.


History, experience and technology

With an engineering history dating to 1824 and experience gained through cooperation agreements with international organisations such as Combustion Engineering, Rolls-Royce, Alstom and others, John Thompson has built up a technology base that makes us leaders in this industry.

John Thompson designs, manufactures, constructs, maintains and retrofits industrial watertube and firetube boilers with steam outputs of up to 320 t/h for process steam and power generation applications.


A proud and distinguished history

  • 1824

    John Thompson Company History

    William Thompson establishes an iron boat building business in Bilston, UK.

  • 1870

    John Thompson Company History

    Works move to Wolverhampton to concentrate on production of steam boilers.

  • 1935

    John Thompson Company History

    An agent is appointed in South Africa.

  • 1954

    John Thompson Company History

    John Thompson – Albert de Jong (Pty) Ltd manufactures its first boiler in South Africa.

  • 1960

    John Thompson Company History

    John Thompson Africa (Pty) Ltd is established under control of the UK parent company.

  • 1969

    John Thompson Company History

    John Thompson UK acquires Cochran to become Europe’s leading manufacturer of shell boilers.

  • 1977

    John Thompson Company History

    Clarke Chapman Ltd and Reyrolle Parsons Ltd form Northern Engineering Industries Ltd (NEI).

  • 1989

    John Thompson Company History

    NEI merges with Rolls-Royce, creating Rolls-Royce Industrial Power Group, which includes International Combustion Ltd, Cochran and John Thompson Africa.

  • 2001

    John Thompson Company History

    Alstom Power purchases the assets of NEI Africa, including John Thompson Africa and ICAL, and creates the business division – John Thompson Boilers.

  • 2004

    John Thompson Company History

    Alstom South Africa acquires 90% of its shares from Alstom P and became a South African owned company with 50% BEE ownership.

  • 2009

    John Thompson Company History

    Alstom Electrical Industries (Pty) Ltd is rebranded to become ACTOM (Pty) Ltd, of which John Thompson is a division.

  • 2010

    John Thompson Company History

    John Thompson celebrates 75 years in South Africa.

  • 2014

    John Thompson Company History

    John Thompson’s manufacturing facility in Bellville celebrates its 60th year.

Our values

At John Thompson, we continuously strive to be the best in our industry.

Customer Driven Excellence

The customer is the ultimate judge of my performance.


Our respectful behavior upholds and affirms the human dignity we are entitled to.


We do the right thing even when no one is watching.


We own our actions and consequences.


We have passion for sustainable solutions.


Our values-based leadership inspires us to transform and excel.

Our management team has over 200 years’ experience