Engineering our way to leadership in boiler technology

Engineering Our Way to Leadership in Boiler and Environmental Technology

Keeping our customers performing at peak – through more efficient thermal/combustion solutions.

At the forefront of boiler technology and product development

As a leader in the field of boiler technology, we are committed to product development and the advancement of thermal/combustion technology.

Modern boiler design and more efficient combustion methods enable long-term cost-savings for our clients and help them maximise uptime while complying with stringent clean-air requirements.

We therefore continually invest in the engineering resources that keep us, and our clients, delivering at the highest level.


Process and Mechanical Engineering

  • Conceptual and process designs

  • Detail designs & specification

  • Product development

  • Technical support

  • Computational fluid design modeling

  • Pipe stress and flexibility analysis

  • Finite element analysis

  • Commissioning

Metallurgical Inspections

  • Metallographic examination

  • Non-destructive testing

  • Tube bore inspections

  • Boiler inspections

  • Metallurgical inspection of plant and equipment

  • Failure analysis

  • Remnant life analysis

Instrumentation and Control Engineering

  • Control philosophies

  • P & I diagrams

  • SCADA system development