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Engineering our way to leadership in boiler technology

Engineering Our Way to Leadership in Boiler and Environmental Technology

Keeping our customers performing at peak – through more efficient thermal/combustion solutions.

At the forefront of boiler and environmental technology, and product development

As a leader in the field of boiler technology, we are committed to product development and the advancement of thermal and combustion technology.

Modern boiler design and more efficient combustion methods enable long-term costsavings for our clients and help them maximise uptime while complying with stringent clean-air requirements.

Proven air and gas pollution control technology provides a wide range of solutions to suit the needs of various clients.

We are continuously developing and refining our welding procedures to suit new materials and technology.

We therefore continually invest in the engineering resources that keep us, and our clients, delivering at the highest level.


Process and Mechanical Engineering

  • Conceptual and process designs

  • Detail designs & specification

  • Product development

  • Technical support

  • Computational fluid design modeling

  • Pipe stress and flexibility analysis

  • Finite element analysis

  • Commissioning

Metallurgical Inspections

  • Metallographic examination

  • Non-destructive testing

  • Tube bore inspections

  • Boiler inspections

  • Metallurgical inspection of plant and equipment

  • Failure analysis

  • Remnant life analysis

Instrumentation and Control Engineering

  • Control philosophies

  • P & I diagrams

  • SCADA system development

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In performance-critical applications such as high pressure vessels, welding integrity is key. Our stringent self-imposed standards and adherence to ISO 3834 assure our clients of structural fusion welding of the highest calibre.

Our welding processes

Our experienced IWE-qualified welding engineers and IWT-certified welding technologists are committed to enforcing our high benchmarks, without compromise.

Our weld procedures range from carbon steel welding to complex high alloy steels, including highly creep resistant materials.

  • FBW

    Flash butt welding

  • MMA

    Manual metal arc

  • FCAW

    Flux cored arc welding

  • OA


  • MCAW

    Metal cored arc welding

  • SA

    Submerged arc

  • MAG & pulsed MAG

    Metal active gas

  • MIG & pulsed MIG

    Metal inert gas

  • TIG & pulsed TIG

    Tungsten inert gas

  • SW

    Stud welding