Power plant OEMs: Their role in improving the performance of Eskom coal-fired power stations


In February 2023, National Treasury announced that it had appointed the German VGBE Energy Consortium to assess and investigate the operations of Eskom’s coal fleet. This assessment is due to be concluded in July this year. National Treasury said that the outcome of the assessment will consider putting in place a concession model which could see original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) brought in to turn around and improve the energy availability factor and performance of Eskom coal-fired power plants. This is seen as critical to solving the electricity crisis and ending load shedding. The purpose of this webinar is to explore and discuss this matter in more detail. Who are the OEMs? What technical expertise do they bring? What is their track record? Do they see a concession model as a viable prospect? Can OEMs help turn around the current crisis and end, or at least reduce, loadshedding?