Utility Boilers & Auxiliaries

John Thompson specialises in the construction and maintenance of power and utility boilers. These boilers include supercritical boilers with pressures up to 276 bar at superheated steam temperatures up to 569 °C. We are experts in the welding of alloys for high temperature and pressure applications typically used in boiler construction and boiler maintenance services.

Our services include the construction, maintenance and refurbishment of various boiler auxiliaries such as coal mills, pulverised fuel burners and piping, ducting and flue gas cleaning equipment.

We supply boiler piping and tubing, as well as manufacture specialised boiler components. Quality is ensured through the application of the Pressure Equipment Regulations, SANS 347, ISO 9001, ISO 3834, client specifications and requirements, and our own standards.

Our execution practices optimise productivity and minimise downtime, while adhering to strict quality and safety standards.

Our services cover more than 30 utility boilers, boilers in the paper industry and nuclear power plants.

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  • Supply of boiler tubing
  • Design, manufacturing and supply boiler components such as superheater elements, economiser elements, wall panels, burner tube nests, various headers, tube shields and burners
  • Outage maintenance of boilers pressure parts
  • Boiler modifications, retrofits and upgrades
  • Analysis of boiler pressure part failures and metallurgical inspection, including root cause analysis
  • Maintenance of ancillary equipment such as ducting, dampers and submerged scrapper conveyors
  • Construction of boilers, piping, structures, pulverised fuel systems, and air and flue gas ducting


High Pressure Piping

  • Supply of piping
  • Design, manufacturing and supply of HP piping components
  • Design, manufacture and construction of entire HP piping systems
  • Stress analysis of HP piping systems
  • HP piping inspections, maintenance and modifications

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Coal Mills & Pulverised Fuel Burners

  • Complete refurbishment of vertical spindle and tube mills
  • Day-to-day and outage maintenance of vertical spindle and tube mills
  • Day-to-day and outage maintenance of PF piping
  • Pulverised fuel burner maintenance
  • Manufacturing in burners, including low NOx burners
  • Installation of burners

Nuclear Industry

Safety and quality are paramount in the nuclear industry. John Thompson strictly adheres to the South African National Nuclear Regulator’s requirements on quality and safety management as per RD0024, thus ensuring the highest quality and safety standards. 

John Thompson has been offering these services to the nuclear power generation industry since 2020, after developing a Nuclear Safety Culture within the organisation.