John Thompson Power generation Market

Power Generation Market

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John Thompson is a division of ACTOM, with its principal focus on being the best boiler and environmental solutions company. Our highly skilled, locally-based engineering team has in-house CFD, FEA, thermal and circulation modeling and solid modeling capabilities.

Utility Boilers

John Thompson is experienced in the manufacture, installation, maintenance and retrofitting of utility watertube boilers. Our reference footprint covers over 25 utility boilers in Eskom and local municipalities.

With workshops in Johannesburg and Cape Town, we can manufacture a wide range of utility boiler components such as superheater elements, finned economisers, tube-panels, burner tube-nests, burners, various headers and tube-shields.

In addition to boiler envelope and external piping maintenance services, we also maintain coal-milling plant, pulverised fuel systems and coarseash plants for the utility industry.

Environmental Equipment

We also specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and/or retrofit and maintenance of emission control plant for coal-fired boilers. These include fabric filter plant, electrostatic precipitators and flue-gas conditioning plants. We have retrofitted fabric filter plant on utility boilers from 200 MW to 600 MW.

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