Webinar: Energy efficiency, co generation and harnessing recoverable energy


The Minister of Electricity is seized with the execution of plans for additional power an improved energy efficiency through a number of strategies in order to reduce and eliminate load shedding in South Africa.

Cogeneration, harnessing of recoverable energy and improving energy efficiency in utility, industrial, mining, commercial and residential installations provide the cleanest and least-cost opportunities to meet demand.

For example, many existing power plants, especially dry-cooled power plants, are not generating power at maximum capacity due to weather conditions, as well as design and environmental limitations.

Additional megawatts/ gigawatts can be harnessed with essentially zero additional CO2 and harmful gas emissions, and at much lower lifecycle costs, than any equivalent coal, gas, diesel, nuclear, hydro or renewable/storage newbuild capacity.

Similarly, meaningful policy interventions and incentivisation of energy efficiency initiatives at various levels in the public and private sector can make a significant contribution to reducing demand and load shedding at relatively low cost without negatively impacting on productivity.

This is possible by investing in improved asset performance and plant operation, and installing new optimised technologies to increase efficiency at all levels to yield the cleanest and most economical solutions to meet demand and reduce load shedding.

The objectives of this webinar are to explore the policies, opportunities, technologies, costs and financing options, and give examples as to how power generation and other plants can be converted to increase energy efficiency, and harness and maximise recoverable energy.